Crafty portable spray: the latest Storz and Bickel innovation!

The pioneering German manufacturer and market leader in vaporization had already concocted a super Volcano Hybrid in early 2019, but what about portable vaporizers?

Indeed, their two portable devices, the Crafty and the Mighty, had already been released since 2014, and then improved in 2018 with batteries whose capacity had been increased by 20%.

So we were looking forward to the arrival of a new member in the family!

When Storz announced at the end of 2019 the imminent arrival of a new vaporizer, we knew that the time had come and that we would soon be filled…

Here's our test and review on the Crafty portable vaporizer (More)!

Model Crafty
maker Storz and Bickel
note 18,4/20
TYPE OF VAPORIZER Portable Vaporizer
bowl Aluminium alloy
TYPES OF VEGETAUX Plants and concentrates
TYPES OF HEATERS Convection and conduction
steam fresh
Size 11cm 5.7cm 3.3cm
Weight 134g

Crafty Vaporizer Features:

  • Hybrid convection/conduction heater
  • Reach 180oC in one minute
  • Steam cooling unit for a fresh and tasty rendering
  • Aerial draw in accordance with convection
  • Up to 5 spray sessions per charge
  • Works with plants – concentrates
  • Temperature panel suitable for herbal medicine with all plants
  • Android Smartphone App and App Store
  • Works during charging

The App Store app is unavailable at the time we write these lines

Crafty Spray Rating Crafty Vaporizer Reviews
QUALITY/PRICE RATIO 19/20 High quality, high budget… Excellence.
STEAM QUALITY 29/30 Fresh, sweet, sweet and tasty steam… The best part is!
STEAM QUANTITE 9/10 Massive steam production, unbeatable in this matter!
PANEL DE TEMPERATURES 9/10 From 40 to 210oC via application, herbal medicine possible.
8,5/10 Up to 5 plant sessions per load, almost twice as many as the first Crafty. Ok!
WARM-UP TIME 8,5/10 180 degrees Celsius in 60 seconds, we're within the norms.
ERGONOMICS/USE 9/10 Small, light, discreet and controllable via phone, with good autonomy. perfect..
TOTAL SCORE OUT OF 100 92/100 The most efficient and ergonomic of portable vapos, the Storz and Bickel quality, go for it!

Crafty and convection/conduction hybrid heater

The Crafty portable vaporizer is equipped with the famous Storz and Bickel heating system found on all their devices.

It is a vaporization chamber whose walls provide a part of heating by conduction associated with a spiral heating element that brings a part of heating by convection to the plants.

Conduction heating involves direct contact between the heating element and the plants, while the convection circulates a flow of warm air through the plant to generate steam…

Thus, the conduction heating allows to produce clouds from the first puff while the heating by convection ensures a tasty and generous vaporization until the end of the session!

It must be admitted that the Storz and Bickel heating system is the best designed and most efficient on the market, it provides a massive and super tasty steam production.

Not to mention the fact that plants are heated evenly, without the need to toss the plants and without releasing sub-combustion as other portable vaporizers sometimes do!

Crafty's quality and steam rendering

As I said earlier, the Heating System of the Crafty is the same as that of the Crafty and the Mighty …

So it makes sense that the steam quality is unchanged!

Indeed, this one is always as sweet, sweet and tasty, with a perfect print that allows us to get massive clouds like no other portable vaporizer allows.

However, Storz and Bickel has changed the plastic component of the case and cooling unit to make it even more heat-resistant.

Thus, heat inertia should be less present and the cooling work of the unit more efficient…

I didn't notice any difference, but I guess it only feels when used intensively when the Crafty Plus is really hot.

FTV Crafty/Crafty Stainless Cooling Unit

Looking for an option to optimize the flavour rendering of your steam?

There are several solutions, such as using a bubbler with an adapter.

Nevertheless, this alternative is far from practical, because a bubbler hardly fits in the pocket and the glass is fragile to over!

For example, there is a stainless steel cooling unit with an optimized steam circuit (steam would travel 12 cm of maze instead of about 3.5 with the original plastic).

In addition to more efficient cooling, this FTV (French Touch Vaporizer) stainless steel unit also offers a better flavour!

Battery life

Storz and Bickel has greatly improved things on this side with its new Crafty.

Indeed, the Crafty had the advantage of being smaller and discreet than the Mighty, but at the expense of battery life which was -precisely the – really mediocre, with two or even (difficultly) three sessions of vaporization per charge.

Suffice to say that it was only suitable for those who would only spray once or twice a day, because the battery could take up to two and a half hours to recharge…

But fortunately, the Crafty recharges in an hour and a half and allows up to five sessions of vaporization per charge!

It's already much more comfortable and suitable for a confirmed vapophile, and almost as autonomous as the Mighty.

Finally, the Crafty Plus portable vaporizer can be used during charging, 20 minutes early.



Suitable for herbal medicine and aromatherapy?

A vaporizer is said to be suitable for herbal medicine when the temperature panel it offers is wide enough to consume any type of plant.

Indeed, while some plants such as hemp require relatively high temperatures (about 180oC) others are more fragile and require a lower temperature such as mint (100 to 150oC).

In addition, the practice of aromatherapy (medicine with extracts and plant concentrates) requires high temperatures, starting at 200oC and above…

The Crafty offers a range of temperatures ranging from 40 to 210 degrees Celsius.

Thus, this panel is wide enough to vaporize every plant imaginable and therefore to practice herbal medicine.

Aromatherapy is also possible at 200-210oC, the flavour rendering of the concentrates is particularly effective compared to other portable vaporizers…

Keep in mind that the temperature control of the Crafty is done via the smartphone app and not on the device itself, which may put off some of us…

However, the Crafty is equipped with two boost functions that work independently of the phone app.

The first allows the heater to be increased by an additional 15oC, and the second goes straight up to 210oC which gives Crafty a bit of flexibility!

For those who want the ability to set the temperature to the degree close directly on a vaporizer of equivalent quality, their choice can only be on the Mighty.

Ergonomics and use of Crafty

The whole point of Crafty compared to the Mighty is its small size because some may find the latter imposing.

Thus, the Crafty is a real handheld vaporizer, with all the qualities of a Storz and Bickel device.

If you have the budget and want a portable vaporizer of the best possible quality with a small size, look no further it is the Crafty you need!

However, I find the temperature control and the launch of the heater much more convenient on the Mighty, which also has a better autonomy …

Indeed, without a screen the Crafty works with a single button and a system of lights to transmit you the necessary information.

Nothing sorcerer to master, and let's remember, the quality Storz and Bickel in pocket format!

Crafty maintenance

Once is not customary, an effective vaporizer is a maintained vaporizer.

Indeed, a neglected vaporizer will accumulate vegetable particles and fats/residuals that will clog the print and release rancid odors and tastes that will distort the aromas of steam…

The ultimate weapon to get rid of these undesirables is alcohol!

Isopropylic alcohol is radical, but 90 or 95 will also do the trick.

To clean, remove the Cooling Unit from the Crafty and disassemble it.

Dip both parts in a little alcohol, ideally by removing the blue seals that could suffer from a bath too long …

Do not immerse them in it for more than half an hour at the risk of seeing the plastic deform or/and discolor…

The residues should be quickly dissolved, after which all that remains is to dry both parts of the cooling unit by placing their joints in them.

Finally, pull up the unit and put it back on the Crafty Plus!

This cleaning can be done every three weeks for daily use.

How crafting the Crafty

Instinctively, understanding the Crafty's power-on operation is pretty quick.

On/off: Press the orange button, the heater starts immediately, the lights are shown in green when the temperature is reached in 60 seconds.

Change the temperature: Via the smartphone app.

Boost mode: Double click on the button for a boost of 15 degrees Celsius, triple click to directly reach 210 degrees Celsius.

The Crafty works just like the Crafty, except that it is equipped with two boost functions to give it a total not two but three heating temperatures without going through the smartphone!

Good vapes:)

Crafty's Pluses The – of Crafty
1 Steam quality and volume The price, perhaps? But it's well worth it…
2 Pocket format
3 Use during charging

To sum up

The Crafty is more than just an improvement like the one in 2018 with the extra 20% battery.

Indeed, it is a real update with an almost doubled battery life, an improved heating and charging time of 30%, an additional boost function …

But also the new PEEK food plastic cooling unit supposed to be better able to withstand the heat!

All for the same price as before, it's fun! (Finally we understand each other, it's never nice to offload 300).

In short, the Crafty reaches a much wider audience with its much larger battery, especially with seasoned vapophiles who need a substantial autonomy …

Crafty is the best small vaporizer, no doubt possible!

The Crafty pack contains

– 1 Crafty
– 1 USB cord
– 1 Set of spare joints
– 1 Set of spare grids
– 2 Drip coussinets
– 1 dose capsule
– 1 Notice of Use