Firefly 2 portable vaporizer: the latest Firefly, always smart and even more powerful!

Whether you're interested in vaporization, you've probably heard of Firefly.

Indeed, the American manufacturer is already in its third test with the release of this new portable vaporizer!

We still remember the very first Firely, rather large and difficult to control (it was difficult to avoid pre-combustion) as well as the Firefly 2, more ergonomic but with a rather light steam production …

In any case, these vaporizers stood out from the rest of the market thanks to their "on-demand" vaporization function rather than in the session, which made them highly differentiated from their counterparts.

So what about the performance of this new Firefly?

Here's our test and review on the Firefly 2 portable vaporizer!

Model Firefly 2
maker Firefly
note 18,2/20
TYPE OF VAPORIZER Portable Vaporizer
bowl Borosilicate glass
TYPES OF VEGETAUX Plants and concentrates
steam fresh
ENERGY SOURCE 1 removable lithium-ion battery
Size 12.6cm 3.5cm 2.4cm
Weight 140g

Firefly 2 vaporizer features:

  • Heat by convection
  • Heats up in seconds
  • On-demand puffs
  • Borosilicate glass vaporization chamber
  • Mirror glass steam passage
  • Up to 100 puffs per load
  • Compatible with plants and concentrates
  • Cold steam
  • Vast range of temperatures from 105 to 255 degrees Celsius
  • High temperatures devoted to concentrates
  • Lithium-ion removable batteries
  • Charge in 45 minutes
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Firefly Spray 2 Rating Firefly Spray 2 – Reviews
QUALITY/PRICE RATIO 19/20 Much cheaper, more efficient and always classy.
STEAM QUALITY 29/30 Fresh with an outsized flavour.
STEAM QUANTITE 8/10 The volume is at the rendezvous, it will depend on your inhalations.
PANEL DE TEMPERATURES 9/10 From 105 to 255 degrees Celsius, in increments of 5 degrees Celsius. Practice of herbal medicine and aromatherapy possible.
8/10 About 70 inhalations per charge.
WARM-UP TIME 9/10 About 3 seconds, in line with the "on-demand" heater.
ERGONOMICS/USE 9/10 Always as compact, lightweight and easy to use.
TOTAL SCORE OUT OF 100 91/100 What made the qualities of the Firefly 2 has been preserved, its defects corrected! Bang on!

Firefly 2 vaporizer and convection heater

The new Firefly 2 portable vaporizer with "on-demand" puffs is equipped with a convection heating system.

Convection heating involves a flow of warm air flowing through the plant to extract the active ingredients in the form of steam.

In case the plant is in direct contact with the heating element, we would talk about heating by conduction.

Thus, when inhaled through the Firefly 2, the air is heated and then passes through the plants to obtain the desired steam.

Note that the longer you inhale, the more generous the puffs will be.

And when you don't inhale, the plant doesn't cook and its aromas and active ingredients are preserved for the following puffs!

The bottom of the vaporization chamber is designed with titanium, a material known for heating and cooling quickly, in accordance with the technical needs of an on-demand vaporizer.

In addition, the Firefly 2 heating system has been revised from the Firefly 2 to be more efficient, as well as the airflow, and we find that the steam production is much higher!

Finally the Firefly is in focus, and it's nice.

Steam quality and rendering

We were already seduced by the quality of steam produced by the Firefly 2, we are still so with this new Firefly 2, with more volume as a bonus.

Indeed, the cleanliness of the materials of the vaporization chamber and the passage of steam remains unchanged, everything is mirrored glass and borosilicate.

Thus, the aromas of the steam produced are brilliantly restored, without any taste of metal or parasitic plastic.

In addition, the heat inertia is perfectly controlled by the machine, the latter do not settle there and the steam remains fresh in the mouth, which makes it possible to appreciate even better the flavors!

This cooling system is unique to Firefly, and is surely one of the best thought out on the market…

To conclude, we can say fingers in the nose that the Firefly 2 produces a highly qualitative steam, fresh, and super tasty like its big brother the Firefly 2.

However, the volume of steam is much more substantial than for the latter!

Firefly Battery and Battery 2

The manufacturer announces a battery life of about 100 puffs per charged battery.

Of course, this figure may vary depending on the length of your inhalations and the temperature of heating selected among other things.

For example, a user who puffs for 5 seconds at 170 degrees Celsius will get a lot more than someone else who will puff for 10 seconds at 200 degrees Celsius.

Thus, this autonomy will be sufficient for the most reasonable among us, but the daily veterans of herbal medicine will find it too light, in my humble opinion.

Fortunately, this battery is removable and it is therefore possible to get as many extra batteries (optional) as necessary for our external outputs…

Note that the Firefly 2 comes with an induction USB charger, on which the vaporizer sits to recharge the battery.

It is therefore possible to leave this charger plugged in (via computer for example) on your coffee table near your sofa, and rest the Firefly between two puffs or vaporization sessions.

So your portable vaporizer will always be fully charged!

It is also possible to get a fast sector charger in which we can insert a battery (then rechargeable in 45 minutes), for even more flexibility in terms of battery life.

Suitable for herbal medicine and aromatherapy?

Herbal therapy is remembered, medicine by plants, while aromatherapy is medicine by essential oils and concentrated plants.

To speak of vaporization medicine, it goes without saying that it will only be possible with a seriously crafted device with quality components, which is the case with the Firefly 2 as we have seen above.

In addition, it will be mandatory that the vaporizer propose a temperature panel wide enough to allow spraying of any type of plant.

Indeed, some plants are fragile and require low temperatures (100 to 150oC) such as mint and tobacco, while others require higher heating temperatures, such as hemp and thyme around 180oC.

Fortunately, the Firefly 2 offers the ability to heat your plants between 105 and 255 degrees Celsius, in 5oC increments via Bluetooth with your smartphone!

It will be possible to practice herbal medicine with this little gem!

Be careful though, the burning temperature of the cellulose is 231oC, be careful not to spray your plants beyond (even plan at least 20 degrees below!).

However, the high temperatures that Firefly 2 can deliver will be suitable for aromatherapy with plant concentrates, whether crystalline, oily, or liquid.

Indeed, the latter being devoid of cellulose will not produce combustion beyond 231oC, and will go from solid to gaseous with the effect of heat.

So don't hesitate to try this practice, not to mention using the tool provided for this purpose, the small metal pad provided in the accessories of the Firefly to protect its vaporization chamber because the concentrates are particularly messy.

Ergonomics and use of Firefly 2

The dimensions of the Firefly 2 remain unchanged compared to the Firefly 2, the vaporizer is still as light with its 140 grams.

The grip is also always as practical, with our thumb and index finger on the two touch buttons of the portable vaporizer.

The walls of the vaporization chamber glow with a nice orange glow during the heating, which then makes you think of the fireplace of a burning pipe, a calumet of peace, sympatoche 😉

In addition, we always find the "Apple way" label in the Firefly design, which will appeal to a wide audience.

The device is available in several colors, such as black, gold or blue, but also with wood finishes, such as the Zebra model with several shades of gray, very classy.

The mouthpiece, when it is also plastic, is always ugly plastic while we would have liked to have it made of glass or ceramic for example…

Finally, the Firefly 2 is always as fast and convenient to clean!

Easy and quick cleaning

Be sure to clean your portable vaporizer regularly to keep it on top of its performance.

Indeed, a dirty vaporizer will deliver rancid tastes, and can see its airflow clog with time and the accumulation of plant microparticles.

So you'll need isopropylic alcohol and a cotton swab or cloth to maintain your Firefly 2.

To do this, start by rubbing the walls of the vaporizing chamber with your cloth or cotton rod soaked in alcohol.

Then clean the back of the room, this time with very little alcohol so that it does not flow through the grate.

Finally, rub the mirror walls of the steam system with your cloth, then let the vaporizer dry so that the alcohol evaporates!

Isopropylic alcohol is volatile, it will disappear very quickly, even more so if the Firefly 2 is placed on a radiator for example.

During the trip, cleaning is done in flash time with alcohol-soaked wipes, very convenient!

Firefly 2: How it works

The Firefly 2 is always as intuitive and easy to use.

You need to start by installing the Firefly app on your smartphone, so you can set the heating temperatures.

We recommend that you try your first test at 180oC, you can increase the temperature later for better steam production or reduce it to focus on flavour rendering, according to your expectations.

Once the app is downloaded and the temperature is programmed, crumble a few plants with your fingers or with a grinder.

Then we will place them in the glass vaporization chamber, and then we will replace the lid of the vaporizer.

We can see another improvement of the Firefly 2 compared to the Firefly 2, its lid closes much better, and now leaves no chance of having an air leak (which negatively impacted the production of steam), well done!

Finally, we will position our fingers on the two touch sensors of the Firefly 2 portable vaporizer to activate the heater that takes only about 3 seconds.

The longer you inhale, the more steam will be produced!

As The Firefly 2 is a vaporizer with "on-demand" puffs, you can rest the vaporizer and continue your spray session when you wish!

Good vapes:)

The Firefly 2 The – of the Firefly 2
1 Steam quality and aromatic rendering A little technical for a beginner?
2 On-demand puffs
3 Price revised downwards
4 Glass materials
5 Steam production revised upwards

To sum up

The Firefly 2 is a real improvement over its predecessor, the Firefly 2.

Indeed, its steam production has been significantly revised upwards, and its price has been revised downwards!

In addition, it is still as beautiful and practical with its "on demand" puffs.

I particularly appreciate the glass design of the vaporization chamber and steam circuit, which cools efficiently and perfectly respects the aromas of the plants!

In short, the Firefly 2 is a Firefly 2 cheaper, more efficient, and especially finally to the point!

We only regret the presence of only one battery in the pack, while the Firefly 2 offered two …

Well done Firefly!

The Firefly 2 pack contains

– 1 Firefly 2 vaporizer
– 1 battery
– 1 charger base
– 1 USB cable
– 1 cleaning kit
– 1 liquid pad for concentrates
– 3 alcoholic cleaning accessories