The Mighty portable vaporizer and Crafty (plus) are the two portable vaporizers of the manufacturer Storz and Bickel.

For those who don't know it yet, know that the firm is a pioneer and market leader in the spraying of dry plants!

Their vaporizers are the best known and best-selling in Europe, by far.

But then, which portable vaporizer is best for your needs between Crafty and Mighty?

Here's our comparator/comparison for Mighty VS Crafty vaporizers!

This is not a test but only a comparison!

Model Mighty CRAFTY
maker Storz and Bickel Storz and Bickel
RELEASE DATE 2014 2019
note 18.5/20 18.4/20
BEST PRICE €290 €298
TYPE OF VAPORIZER Portable vaporizer Portable vaporizer
bowl Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
TYPES OF VEGETAUX Plants and concentrates Plants and concentrates
TYPES OF HEATERS Convection and conduction Convection and conduction
steam fresh fresh
ENERGY SOURCE 2 Accus fixed 1 Fixed Accu
Size 14cm-8cm-3cm 11cm 5.7cm 3.3cm
Weight 230g 134g

Comparator Mighty vs Crafty: Rating

Mighty Rating Spray Crafty Spray Rating
STEAM QUALITY 29/30 29/30
STEAM QUANTITE 9.5/10 9/10
9/10 8,5/10
WARM-UP TIME 8/10 8,5/10
TOTAL SCORE OUT OF 100 92,5/100 92/100

Mighty vs Crafty: The steam rendering

Both the Crafty and its older brother the Mighty are equipped with the same convection and conduction hybrid heating system.

If the conduction heater ensures a continuous production of steam, the convection heating offers a rich and tasteful vapor full of finesse, we will come back to it in the next chapter.

In addition, they are equipped with a cooling unit to cool and filter the steam before it is ingested, which greatly improves the flavor rendering!

Thus, the result is a rich and aromatic vapor, in large volume and with density.

The reputation of Storz and Bickel vaporizers is quite justified, you will not find a device capable of delivering such a good result.

It's hard to separate the Mighty from Crafty – in terms of steam rendering, because they will give exactly the same results!

In one detail, the Cooling Unit of the Crafty would be made of medical-grade PEEK plastic, a component that is more heat resistant and is supposed to cool the steam better…

I did not feel any difference, maybe it stands out when the vapo is really hot by chaining the sessions …

Mighty vs Crafty: Extraction Efficiency

As we said just above, Crafty and Mighty vaporizers are equipped with the same hybrid conduction and convection heating system.

Conduction heating involves the plant being in direct contact with the heater element to produce steam, while a flow of warm air passes through the plant without contact with the heater element for convection.

While conduction heating generates continuous steam, it is important to manage its inhalation with convection heating, as it is the one that carries the famous airflow to extract the plant.

Storz and Bickel vaporizers combine these two types of heaters to produce the best possible results.

It is true that the plant is consumed evenly without the need toss in the bowl, a quality rare in the medium of vaporization …

If it is easy to say that the Storz and Bickel vapos are equipped with the best heating system on the market, it is difficult to separate them because they have the same!

Crafty vs. Mighty: Temperature Control and Panel

The temperature panel of a vaporizer helps to define which plants it will be able to vaporize, and if it therefore offers the possibility of practicing herbal medicine (medicine by plants).

Indeed, some plants are fragile and require temperatures considered low (less than 150oC) such as mint or tobacco.

While others require higher temperatures, such as hemp (180oC) or plant concentrates that often require heating to more than 200oC to practice aromatherapy.

In the case of Crafty and Mighty, the temperature range is 40 to 210 degrees Celsius, making it possible to practice herbal medicine with all plants and aromatherapy.

However, it is important to realize that the temperature is programmed to the degree with the help of a screen and two buttons directly on the Mighty, whereas this is done with your mobile phone via Bluetooth for the Crafty…

So, although both devices display the same temperature panel, its control is much more convenient and easy with the Mighty!

Still, the Crafty's two "boost" functions allow it to add 15oC to the base heater or heat directly to 210oC, which offers a bit of flexibility.

Mighty vs Crafty: Autonomy

The Mighty is equipped with two fixed 18650 batteries (non-removable) that offer a range of about 1 hour and a half, enough to vaporize up to about 7 doses of plants.

This autonomy is slightly above average, so we can consider it good …

Plus, the Mighty works during charging, even when the batteries are completely empty, which is really convenient and can save the vapophile in distress!

The Crafty is equipped with only one fixed battery that reaches an hour of battery life to vaporize up to about 5 doses of plants.

The Crafty is also usable during charging, provided the battery is not completely empty (if so, 20 minutes of charging will suffice).

Finally, the Crafty is equipped with a USB socket for charging, which makes it more convenient in this matter than the Mighty and its proprietary socket!

Mighty VS Crafty: Ergonomics

The most common complaint you can hear about the Mighty is about its size.

Indeed, it is big (and not really pretty) but that's why it is so effective …

It can be seen that the spiral heater element and the air/steam circuit is insulated from batteries and electronics, ensuring a clean and medical vapor.

In addition, heat dissipation fins (like on a radiator) provide optimal cooling to avoid having a boiling case in hand and a steam that skins the airways!

In addition, its grip is good and its weight is not so heavy (there are less large but heavier vaporizers like the ghost MV1 fragile moreover), and its use is very easy with its screen and buttons.

To sum up, its only flaw is a quality …

However, if its format is really unsympathetic to you, it is sure that the Crafty will better meet your expectations in this matter.

With less battery and a temperature control screen, the Crafty format has been designed to fit into all pockets and even the smallest ones!

So, if the setting screen and the range seem secondary to the size of the vaporizer, it's the Crafty you need!

In summary

Storz and Bickel vaporizers are not the best known on the market for nothing, they are simply the best.

Thus, Crafty and Mighty are the two best electronic portable vaporizers, and one of the two will meet your needs perfectly, provided your purse can afford it.

Indeed, their budget is not given and can sometimes direct the user towards a model cheaper but often at a lower value for money also …

As my grandmother says, I'm too poor to buy cheap because it doesn't last or serve!

Also, if you had to choose between them, and your choice would be mainly on the size of the device, the Crafty would be the solution.

On the other hand, if the size is not a priority but rather the ease of use and/or the autonomy of the batteries, it would of course be the Mighty you would need!