Mighty vaporizer ode!

I still remember, the first time we met was in October 2014… Love at first sight… and since then we have never left each other again.

The first time I put my lips on you, I pinched myself several times, thinking I was dreaming…

Of course, I had some infidelities during these few years, but each time I irretrievably returned to the fold!

Mighty I love you! I love everything about you!

Certainly, you are sometimes a little authoritarian to vibrate every 2 minutes to remind me to order … Your German side surely!

But paradoxically, I love you for your sweetness, your freshness and your power in all circumstances!

We should all meet one day his Mighty… Because it's for life!

Model Mighty
maker Storz and Bickel
note 18,5/20
TYPE OF VAPORIZER Portable Vaporizer
bowl Aluminium Alloy
TYPES OF VEGETAUX Plants and concentrates
TYPES OF HEATERS Convection and Conduction
steam fresh
ENERGY SOURCE 2 Accus fixed
Size 14cm-8cm-3cm
Weight 230g

Mighty: Your (very) advantageous features!

  • Hybrid heater by convection and conduction
  • Accepts plants – concentrates
  • Excellent Airflow or draw
  • Soft and fresh steam
  • Large range of temperatures (40C – 210C / 104F – 410F)
  • LED screen
  • 2 High-performance Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Easy maintenance

    Mighty portable vaporizer

Mighty Rating Spray Mighty Spray Reviews
QUALITY/PRICE RATIO 19/20 The best portable vaporizer, so it is normal that it is among the most expensive!
STEAM QUALITY 29/30 The Mighty has the best possible rendering. The steam is fresh, sweet, sweet and tasty!
STEAM QUANTITE 9.5/10 The Mighty produces a very large rendering of steam with plants that generate visible steam.
PANEL DE TEMPERATURES 9/10 From 40C to 210C, the panel is optimal and avoids pre-combustion.
9/10 With its 2 built-in batteries and the ability to use it right away during charging… It's perfect!
WARM-UP TIME 8/10 With about 80sec to reach 180oC, it's still quite correct.
ERGONOMICS/USE 9/10 We can find it big, but its grip is perfect!
TOTAL SCORE OUT OF 100 92,5/100 The best portable vaporizer by far…

Mighty spray by convection and conduction

The Mighty has a Hybrid heater system, i.e. it works with a clever mixture of convection and conduction.

Convection is when it is the warm air that passes through the plant to extract the active ingredients.

On the other hand, we will talk about conduction when there is direct contact between the plant and the heating element.

Learn more about different types of heaters

It is precisely the perfect combination of the two that allows the Mighty vaporizer to have such an effective vapor in continuous!

The perfectly controlled conduction heater of the Mighty portable vaporizer allows you to generate a rich, tasty and generous steam very quickly, keeping total control of the heating temperature thanks to an extremely efficient convection.

Conversely, some 100% convection vaporizers may take some time to produce significant steam and also require long, slow inhalations to have an acceptable rendering.

In the end, the use of the Mighty is not at all technical and a beginner can produce a good cloud of steam from its first use without any problems (it's not a Firefly 2!).

However, the Mighty vaporizer is a vaporizer with a heating mostly by convection and the length of inhalations is still important.

For example, the first puff is not the largest and will often take longer (15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds).

The more time passes, the higher the conduction share!

Shorter and shorter inhalations (a few seconds) will then be sufficient.

As with all vaporizers, the first puffs are the most full of aromas, but depending on the plant, it will take on average several minutes to inhale all of its active ingredients.

The steam quality of the Mighty!

I tested the Mighty spray with dozens of plants but let's take the example of the Damiana which is very appreciated!

Why the Damiana? (Why not!)

First of all because the Damiana that is not synonymous with big steam is still one of the rare herbs to generate a little visible steam!

By spraying the Damiana at 180oC and then 190oC, the steam that comes out of it is truly admirable.

I really had the senses with an immensely sweet and authentic vapor, bringing out the beautiful scent of Damiana.

So of course the Damiana does not make a huge cloud of steam but remember that visible steam is mainly the natural tars of a plant… In short we can do without it even if it gives consistency and it's nice!

After the Damiana, I was able to continue to test various plants, such as raspberry, sage, wild thyme, Roman chamomile, St. John's wort and even if some of these plants do not make visible steam, the authentic taste of these was always perfectly respected.

Mighty: Battery, heat time and battery life at the top!

Haaa! Here are finally batteries with a good battery life!

The two lithium-ion batteries in the Mighty vaporizer offer about an hour of battery life.

This corresponds to about 6 sessions of 10 minutes but it is still an average since not everyone has the same use.

Indeed, you can always divide at least by 2 the usage times announced by the manufacturers… The Mighty is as usable right away during the charge, as good, I tell you! In terms of heating time, it's still very good since it reaches 180 degrees Celsius in about 80 seconds, which is not at all excessive.

Mighty… Das vaporizer!

A temperature panel suitable for all plants and concentrates!

Thanks to its wide range of temperatures (40-210 degrees Celsius) and especially its fabulous heating technique, it is possible to spray any aromatic plant or medicinal herb of herbal medicine effectively.

For aromatherapy concentrates, an official accessory called a dose capsule with liquid pad is perfectly suited as it protects the Mighty's stainless steel bowl very well.

If you don't have one, organic cotton can do the trick.

Some criticize the Mighty for its temperature capped at 210oC… Not me!

Indeed, above 210oC, we are fully in pre-combustion with the massive appearance of poisonous gases… and that's not the point!

If some want to screw up their health with a pseudo vaporizer, they have case to buy a Nail … That's what it's all about!

A word of advice, on this. With plants, always stay below 200oC!

For the record, the most used plants, such as legal industrial hemp in Europe, are ideally vaporized at 180oC!

Ergonomics and use of the Mighty vaporizer

Okay, the Mighty isn't the smallest portable vaporizer!

However, its grip is very well adapted to the position of the fingers and fit perfectly in the hands although mine are tiny!

Frankly, despite such dimensions, the Mighty is really not heavy and its 230 gram are no more so than a fake plastic laser sword of star wars!!

The right point of this vaporizer, another 🙂 is that the exterior coating of the Mighty is made of so-called medical plastic.

For those who would ask the question about the toxicity of the materials used, you are already a little more reassured, the zero risk does not exist.

The LCD screen is crystal clear, making temperature monitoring and battery condition information understandable.

The Vapo Mighty goes off every 2 minutes for safety.

If you have long aspirations, the temperature will drop by at least 3 degrees, which will automatically restart a new 2-minute cycle.

The Mighty vibrates when the temperature is reached and will also warn you with 3 small distant vibrations before going out!

You can then gently press the orange button to restart a new 2-minute heating cycle.

Even a novice can intuitively get away with it the first time you use it!

Mighty interview

If you want to keep your Mighty vaporizer in good condition for a long time, here's the procedure to follow:
After superb vaporization sessions, the cooling of the steam is inevitably accompanied by the condensation of a small part of it on the interior surfaces of the cooling unit.
Regular cleaning of the cooling unit, including the tip, is essential for the proper operation of the device, its airflow and the good taste of inhalation.
Cleaning these parts is also required for hygiene reasons if the vaporizer is to be used by other people.
The cooling unit can become sticky, and it can then be disassembled more easily if heated beforehand.
For manual and superficial cleaning, the small orange dusting accessory can be used to remove most of the accumulated dirt.
For further cleaning, you will need to use alcohol at 90 degrees or even better isopropylic alcohol 99.9 degrees.

You can bathe the disassembled cooling unit for as long as it takes.

On the other hand, it is better not to leave the joints more than a few minutes because the alcohol will eat them and therefore weaken them!

clean the mighty vaporizer

How the Mighty vaporizer works

Too simple with 3 buttons!

Turn on/Off: Press the main button
Rise/Lower Temperature: Both buttons with arrows.

Boost mode: Press the main button quickly and it will heat directly to the boosted temperature.

You can obviously change the boosted temperature that appears and the temperature difference between the base temperature and the boosted temperature will be kept in memory for future sessions!

The Mighty's Plus The – of the Mighty
1 Steam quality We can find it a little big
2 Precise temperature control Its price may seem high
3 Use during charging
4 Autonomy
5 Easy to use


The Mighty vaporizer and Crafty are clearly by far the best portable battery vaporizers on the market.

So, know that you will inevitably win if you acquire a mighty for all the aforementioned positives.

Of course, it may seem a bit expensive, but it's the choice of quality and excellence!

To the good of the hearing…
Mighty , Ich liebe dich

The Mighty vaporizer pack includes

– 1 Mighty vaporizer
– 1 power sector
– 1 Liquid Pad pad (for concentrates)
– 3 replacement grids
– 1 cleaning brush
– 1 grinder
– 1 filling aid accessory
– 1 set of replacement joints
– 1 instructions